Peaked cap.

Features flat cap and cap tongue, commonly known as cap. hat edge from two inches to four inches, the width is also different. The cap was originally a hat worn by hunters when hunting, so it is also called a cap, because it is flat as a cap, so it is called a cap. In the spring and summer of this year, the cap began to combine with the fashion sports wind, many designers in the design of sports style clothing series like to use the cap to match,
Baseball caps are complicated. need to choose different kinds of baseball caps according to personal situation!
Baseball caps have different functions such as shading, decoration, warming and protection. As a result, there are many kinds of choices. First of all, choose the bat cap according to the face
Choose the right baseball cap. People’s face types are mainly square (national character face), round (round face) and pointed (sharp face) three types. A round face with a round top hat makes it look big and small. A broad cap is appropriate. A man with a pointed face in a cap appears to be bigger and thinner. So the dome hat is more appropriate. People with Chinese characters wear all the hats. Second, choose a baseball cap based on your body. The height person baseball cap should be big should not be small, otherwise gives the head light weight feeling. People who are short are the opposite. Tall women shouldn’t wear tall baseball caps, otherwise it feels like they’ re taller. A short lady shouldn’t wear a flat top and wide brim baseball cap. She’ ll look shorter. Wear baseball cap and dress, try to maximize strengths and circumvent weaknesses, even if they wear satisfaction, but also to make people look elegant. The form and color of the hat must be matched with clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies with glasses, don’t wear a hat with complicated flower ornaments on it, do n’ t cover your forehead, the hat should be higher, this can show your chic demeanor and elegant temperament. A man’s hat size is the number of centimeters around e69da5e887aa7a6431333264646435 head, so it is very convenient to choose. But considering that some hats have to shrink after washing, they should be purchased slightly larger. The average adult man’s cap number is 55-56, the child cap is 50-55, and the baby cap is 42-46.

Post time: May-11-2020