How do you spend the Spring Festival? In addition to the necessary masks, a hat is also very important!

The epidemic once again swept through aggressively, and it was already the second “boring” Spring Festival. In order to make my life more fulfilling, I kept my electronic equipment in my hands. Girls love to see which one can deliver it, which one is more fashionable and beautiful, and they are preparing to add to the collection in advance, and wait for the time to be “one shot” to win!

However, the most inconspicuous combination, the most fashionable item is the hat, and relatively speaking, it is also one of the most economical fashion items.

How do you spend the Spring Festival? In addition to the necessary masks, a hat is also very important!

The cold winter hat is definitely the favorite item of girls. In fact, there is not so much attention to hats. You can control any style as long as you like it. You don’t have to worry about your face shape is not suitable, because masks may It is an indispensable accessory in the future.

The match of the young lady today can be said to wrap the upper body tightly, only the eyes and eyebrows are exposed. The hat is the design of bear ears, it is born with a lovely temperament, and easily makes the overall shape look new.

Very youthful letter wool hat, the soft fabric not only looks high-end but also suitable for autumn and winter wear. And it has an excellent warmth retention effect. With a long down jacket, it will not make your head appear small, and you can easily have an elegant figure. The lower body is matched with white sweatpants + sneakers, and the simple and sweet pure color is worn, which not only gives people a very pure feeling, but also has a little personality.

In fact, a very small number of people choose white knitted hats, because its eye-catching effect is not generally strong, and very eye-catching items require full confidence and good looks. This young lady concealed almost a quarter of her cheeks with her hair. This way of dressing is particularly thin, and it also brings out the exquisite facial features, which is handsome and full of personality.

Sometimes white hats are chosen to match their outfits. For example, shoes and pants are gray, and tops are black. In order to make the outfit look more integrated, you have to choose white hats. It won’t make people feel uncomfortable.

The two bloggers are both woolen hats, but it is not difficult to see that the one on the right is more easy-going and can bring a comfortable feeling to our eyes. In fact, the reason is very simple, because her whole set of collocations does not have more than three colors, and they are all adjacent colors that can be very harmonious together. It is precisely because of this that it is more suitable for the public’s aesthetics, so we must avoid messy color selection when wearing it.

As for the elder sister in the picture, one does not wear a hat, and one can tell who is more attractive at a glance? So when we choose clothes and accessories to wear, we must not underestimate the role of hats. Not only can it keep warm, it can make us more fashionable and dazzling. It is not an exaggeration to say that the hat is a scheming single product that makes you stand out.

Black hats are the most popular, and most men choose black because it is more versatile, almost no need to consider what clothes to match, and you can’t go wrong with it. If you don’t want to be too eye-catching, you can’t go wrong with black. Our hair is black, and our vision will weaken the existence of the hat. But wearing contrasting colors on your clothes can reverse the “passerby”, because you are relatively outstanding at the moment.


Post time: Jan-13-2021