Detail difference between baseball cap and sports cap

1、Different shapes.

Baseball cap brim is a certain arc, brim is wider, longer; generally copy hat is flat eaves, brim is narrower.


2. style is different.

Baseball hats pay more attention to sports style, with more casual clothes; general hat with clothes more fastidious.

3. occasions are different.

If you want to swing on the pitch, or come out to play baseball, you’ll find that a small baseball cap is definitely eye-catching.

Baseball caps: baseball caps are called, mainly because most players on the American baseball team wear a baseball cap during the game, so many fans also wear hats from their favorite team. The most popular style of the market is the hat; baseball cap technology; baseball cap for the material and LOGO process requirements are small, easy to make, splicing color and accessories with flexible; zhidao prominent logo is curved cap tongue.

Sports hat: mainly for sports when wearing hats, more styles, generally is made of lighter fabric, more splicing; higher quality requirements; LOGO embroidery, printing, rubber stamp!

Post time: May-11-2020